Sunday, February 14, 2010

VOLCAN de lodo

After a horrific spleen-smashing 2 and a half hours on the boat back from Capurgana, we were actually looking forward to arriving into the industrial port of Turbo. But twenty minutes from arrival, the boats engines sputtered. Then stalled. Then there was silence. Broken only by the wild laughing and bright optimism of our piloto. Apparently we were out of gas, but he had a wide-ranging explanation about the motor - which did not hold up to the questions of the fisherman among us. But the piloto continued to laugh, trying to cheer up the passengers, who were now beginning to get sea sick, more than one vomiting over the side as our boat lurched in the waves. Women complained, men moaned, the german tourist took video with a wide smile... but the piloto would not be humbled. He cracked jokes and even sang out to the most argumentative woman ¨pacienciaaaaa¨ (patience.) Finally, after an hour, a boat happened to cruise by, depositing a barrel of gas without even a word. We cruised to shore, but only after our piloto announced with a wide grin ¨You are riding with the best captain in the world!¨

So, needless to say, we were relieved to get to Turbo... and we immediately left. Arriving in the quiet beach town of Arboletes, we settled into our strangely marine-themed hotel room. Early the next day we walked the beach to the Volcan de Lodo - the Mud Volcano! Warm slippery grey mud bubbled and flowed into a pool 150 feet across. We cautiously entered and... floated! It was a surreal and enjoyable start to the day...


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