Sunday, February 14, 2010

Isla Mucura

As with most things in Colombia, it is easiest to get to Isla Mucura on a tour. And we actually enjoyed the calm boat ride through the Parque Nacional Natural Los Corales, departing the murky waters of the coast and cruising through the shimmering blue, green, and aquamarine waters around the islands. We passed totally private islands, mangrove-thick islands, an island with an áquarium´(which included sad creatures and, bizarrely, an ostrich,) tiny floting islotes of sand and a couple palm trees, and even the island they bill as the most densely populated island in the world - 1000 people on a tiny chunk of land. Nothing but concrete to be seen, like a floating shanty town.

We finally arrived at Mucura Island and camped on a breezy point of land in a palm tree farm. We snorkeled first thing every morning while the fisherman brought in their catch, then lounged and did yoga while our host, doña Lina, prepared the tastiest and freshest food of the entire trip! Yum!


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que bonita!


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