Sunday, February 21, 2010


Fruit! It´s everywhere and one of the joys of being in the tropics. From the top:
tamara´s friend the fruit lady in Cartagena;
a crazy purple fruit (dragon fruit?) that was like a giant creamy purple grape;
Tamara and her treasured watermelons - at 25 cents a portion, she went through these at a rate of sometimes 5 a day!;
sliced fruit in a cup, a great breakfast or snack;
hmmmm, that´s not fruit!;
Paul and our favorite fruit, the níspero - sooo good! best eaten at medium ripeness, it is aromatic and slightly gritty and tastes of cinnamon and root beer!;
granadilla, passion fruit (not to be confused with its cousin, the more sour maracuya) - crack open it´s egglike shell, peel away the soft white padding, and slurp the crispy seeds and their supersweet meat - close second place to the nispero!;
we can´t forget about the old standbys - oranges, mandarinas (sweet and juicy under the deceptive green rind), and pineapple, which we ate just hours after it came off the plant!


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