Monday, March 01, 2010

Nicknames for Tamara

Colombians are very friendly and love to call each other, and us, little nicknames - like cutie or honey. The old lady selling bananas, the gruff man on the street, the dangerously talkative minibus driver, 16-year old military men, street cleaners... all had a pet name for Tamara (although Paul got a few too.) Our favorites:

Mi Amor (my love)
Mi Vida (my life)
Mi Reina (my queen)
Mi Corazon (my heart)
Dona (as in respected, not donut)
Mami, mamita, mamisita
Muneca (doll)

Paul only got the occasional amigo, maybe an amiguito, and once a jeffe.


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous maria clara said...

hey tamara! i dont know if you stay in touch with this blog, but i like it! hahaha ive laughed a lot with this names they called you in colombia!!! i am colombian, so i know what they meant hahahaha i have to tell you its not dona, its doña jajaja like miss ... ;) nice trip btw!!


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