Monday, March 09, 2009

more adventures

Wild ocean crashing against lava flow at the site worst hit by the tsunami of 1946.

me in tree

Lava breaking to the surface and sizzling into the sea!!!

steam from lava hitting the ocean...


wai'pio valleypololu valley

5 years!

We celebrated our 5-year anniversary with the Volcano! what better way to honor the beginning and journey of our relationship than in the rainforest witnessing the birth of earth!

Then, forgoing camping, I surprised Tamara with an amazing night at the rainforest retreat lodge - all the luxuries we could want, but with all the joy of sitting in the forest.


yurt sweet yurt

much aloha from the big island!
yes! we are indeed in paradise.
lush beautiful land on the north side of the big island of hawaii. we are working on the land here belonging to friends joel and michelle. spectacular, lush permaculture sanctuary with lots of fruit and veggies, koi ponds with loud frogs, a yurt all to ourselves, a sweet dog, a view down to the ocean 2000 ft below, and the first time me and tamara have been together in nearly a month!
actually, it has been raining all but 2 days! heavy sheets blowing in on the trade winds, which hit us here directly after thousands of miles at sea accumulating speed, moisture, and ocean energy.